Day 121

Day 121, June 5, 2008

4 months on the road. No planned end in sight. Waiting on a painfully slow wireless connection. Trying to figure out where to go next. Life is rough when these are the biggest concerns on one’s mind. Especially when they aren’t concerns at all. Basically just a series of small challenges to overcome and decisions to make. I learned from an unnamed source that this is a basic definition of life: Living Things Decide. A tree grows towards light, a bacteria ‘decides’ to eat and multiply, worms decide to eat poop, etc. Our decisions are a bit more complicated, but to stay alive, we have make decisions and act on them.

Sent the hiking boots home with the Houston crew, so I bought some new Nike trail runners today. The idea is to start running to get in shape. I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

Also added some pages to my passport at the US Embassy. Compared to the Indian Consulate or even the Chinese Consulate, this was a smooth, silky operation. There is a reason why we are a superpower.

McDonalds does not give free Coke refills in Hong Kong.

I finally broke down and went to KFC. Tastes of home, tastes of home. Fried chicken never, ever tasted so good.

Just got email from Eckroth. The Texas four made it home safely.

Damn Arabs. Somebody needs to put out more gas so the price of airfare will drop. I have to visit a local travel agent in the AM. I can’t bear to book tickets online at the prices I am looking at…………….

Slept in this morning, and yesterday morning.


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