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Beijing Walk-About

Apparently the Olympics are in China this year.......

We hit the ground the day before the tour started and saw the Olympic Stadium and the Temple of Heaven. Our tour guide was amazed that we did this on our own... Just a bunch of engineers on the town... no big deal. We had Julia to keep us in line.

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Great Wall
One of the 7 Wonders of the Middle Ages

Great Wall of China Wiki

Been there, done it. Very cool indeed. Glad I didn't have to build it.

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Beijing Acrobats

I don't know what else to say.

Other than it is amazing what can be done with training from an extremely early age. It goes along with how the brain develops. Kids have way more neural connections than adults. These kids start using brain centers for coordination, balance, etc while they are still in youthful abundance before they whither away with adolescence. This keeps those brain centers active. Freaking amazing.

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Beijing Tour Walkabout
Tiananmen Square & Forbidden City

Impressive Indeed. We hit several landmarks in the very heart of Beijing. Saw a glimpse of Communist assimilation and the daily life in the back alleys of Beijing.

Not to be negative, but I have to include this link: Tiananmen Wiki

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Pronounced "She-an" ... Walkabout

After the overnight train, we did a short 'orientation' walk around town. Then 3 of us went to Leah's spa for Chinese Massage. Most Excellent Wayne, most excellent.....

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Terra Cotta Warriors
Pretty Cool

Self Expanatory. If not Click Here

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Shanghai Walkabout
Shanghai nights.........

Shanghai Wiki

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Village and Walkabout
Last day on tour.......

Day trip to Zhu Jia Jao, a traditional village with a canal system. Also did Fab Five walkabout in Shanghai over our free afternoon.