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Cairo, Egypt

"Denial ain't just a river in Egypt."
- Mark Twain

Hit Egyptian pavement around 3pm on Saturday, 30 August. These pictures are of the pyramids, sphinx, and some other stuff from Sunday, day 2 of the Egyptian tour.

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Days 3 & 4: Aswan and Abu Simbel

A few relevant links are provided below:
Aswan High Dam
Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel took an extra flight to get to as a "bolt-on" to the tour, but it was worth every penny.

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Days 4-6: Felucca Cruise

What, you may ask, is a felucca? It's just a sailboat. I must admit, not being much of a seafarer, I was skeptical of this leg of the journey. Turns out these days floating down the Nile were some of the best of the whole trip. A few relaxing days that will soon be much harder to come by.

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Day 6: Three More Temples

Off the sailboats in the early AM, onto buses for a days journey to some temples on the road to Luxor.

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Day 7: Hot Air

To describe in a single word, sweet.

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Day 7 - 12: Luxor to Dahab

Some temples, a long bus ride, and the Red Sea.

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Day 11: Follow Moses

Mt. Sinai. At sunrise. Enough said.

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Cairo- post tour

Sunrise at the 'mids and a few shots from the hood.