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Delhi Walkabout: 1 of 3

Photos from the hotel through the backstreets to the tourist attractions. I was the only gringo in site for a few hours. Was gonna go see the Taj Mahal, but turns out it is over 150 miles away. No dice.

Be sure to check story time on this one............

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Red Fort
Large Fort. Made of red sandstone. As an engineer, I question sandstone, but it seems to be holding up well. Map did not show the proper tourist entrance, so I was kinda like an invader for a while... looking at a moat and a large wall, mystified as how to get in..........

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Mosque & Gandhi

By this time, my feet were starting to hurt- which didn't make sense since I had just walked 90 miles in those boots. More people, Gandhi's place of cremation, and the Tuk Tuk ride home.