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Petra, Jordan

An optional extension of the Egypt tour brought Andrew, Josh, and myself to Jordan. Had a travel day to get from Dahab, Egypt to Aqaba, Jordan - little bus, a little ferry, and we were there. The next day we were off to Petra, home of some very famous ruins.
- -Larry

Photo Gallery
Petra by Night, Sunset, and Sunrise

We made it to the "Petra by Night" tour on Thursday night. Technically the park closes around 6 pm and re-opens around 8 am. This eliminates the best photographic lighting- sunrise and sunset. I firmly believe that one should not let 'rules' dampen your enjoyment of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. So I just stayed past close (no one asked me to leave) and took "an alternative entrance route" in the morning to bypass the locked gate. Good times.

Photo Gallery
Wadi Rum

After Petra, we headed to the desert valley of Wadi Rum for sightseeing and a night of camping in the desert. Moon light and a fire. Only thing missing was a cooler of frosty beverages and the Swedish Bikini Ski Team.
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