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So I was in Hong Kong looking for a new place to go. Found out my buddy Drinkin' Miller would be in the 'neighborhood', so I figured a detour was in order.

A scenic route to his location seemed in order, so where else to start than the site of the world's biggest payback, Hiroshima.

Got into town on a Sunday afternoon, turns out there was a festival in town.

Hiroshima Wiki

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Nuclear Tour
8:15 am, 6 August 1945

Museum, monuments, memorials, and some random stuff.

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Hiroshima / Miyajima Walkabout, 1 of 2

The island of Miyajima was designated as one of the three most scenic spots in Japan by a Confucian Scholar, Shunsai Hayashi, in 1643. It is a short train and ferry ride from Hiroshima.

Miyajima Wiki

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Hiroshima / Miyajima Walkabout, 2 of 2

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Kyoto Protocol, 1 of 2

Word on the streets of Hiroshima was that Kyoto was the scenic masterpiece of Japan. And it was between Hiroshima and Yokohama, on the rail line. Hence, worth a two night visit. I rented a mountain bike and proceeded to cover about 25 miles on the streets of Kyoto. And I never did find that darn protocol....

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Kyoto Protocol, 2 of 2

Yes, I really covered 25 miles. Kyoto is fairly flat. And I did all the uphill first thing in the morning, so the rest of the day was downhill.

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Saving Nemo

So I walking home one evening, and I see the YFD. Turns out they were on call to rescue a kitten from the canal. 14 shots of the action follow.

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Yokohama Nights

Went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography for inspiration. Found it in one Mr. Moriyama. He has been shooting for over 40 years. All black & white. Two floors of photos in said museum. He often uses the theory of grainy and blurry.. or something like that. Anyhow, enter my own black & white collections to follow.

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Yokohama Neighborhood - B&W

Hostel shots. Soup kitchen shots. Misc. Trains. Baseball.

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Yokohama-Tokyo-Yokosuka Random Walkabout Shots

More black & white.