Kuala Lumpur Basics


Great train system.  High speed rail takes you from airport to the Central Station in 28 minutes…. It is a 43 mile trip, do the high speed math.  From there you can switch to the other trains, buses, or taxis. 


The Malaysians with Disabilities Act obviously has not been enacted here.  If you don’t watch your step on the sidewalk you will fall, slip, or trip. Guaranteed.


Malaysians are very friendly.  Good people.


$ 1 USD = ~ 3.2 Ringgit (RM).  2 RM will buy 1.5 liters of water at the hostel.  8 MR will buy a Tiger (Malaysian Beer).  1.6 RM will get you a train ticket across town.


Occasionally, I smell raw sewage.


Occasionally, I have sensed a scam and walked away.


Starbucks, KFC, and the lot have found there way here.  McDonalds has ‘McDelivery’ by scooter.


I am approximately 3 degrees, 12’ north of the equator.  This explains why it is so hot and humid here.  Feels like summer in Houston.