Self Portrait

Clue #2: "With twice the normal persistence(with the exact correct search phrase and the proper search tool), Google makes the impossible to find, possible."

My usual search persistence is the first page of results. If what I want isn't there, I change search phrases. Hence, in this case, the answer should appear on the second page of results.

Clue #3: "Someone has visited this location before me and took an image."

Google searches images.

Clue #4: "The building and the road have an interesting relationship."

"Road Through a Building"

Interesting tidbit, the inclusion of the article "a" between primary search words makes a critical difference in search results... at least in this instance. Not "building over a road", not "road through building"; it seems only "road through a building" will locate the picture that, upon closer inspection is a closer view of the location in the photo above. Note background buildings, ceiling, etc.

My search yielded this image, however others have been unable to duplicate these search results, so it seems this contest was rigged.

Seoul, Korea
Google Map for those aerially intrigued individuals. Google earth link to the same location: