Buddha's foot

Where was Larry? - Round #6
From our winner, Julie Klazynski (Whelan) "if I'm overthinking this than I need to go with my original guess....which was that you are in Bangkok at the Temple of the Reclining Buddha Logic is pretty much the same except the emphasis is on the feet this time...you took a picture of Buddha's enourmous feet the last time you were there and hypothesized that they were gold leaf. As an aside, I think it is ironic that there is a temple with Buddha's giant feet...aren't feet sort of taboo in Thailand?"

Clue #1: I was here(see photo above). For the detail oriented, this will be simple as pie.

Unrelated to my location, but there is something about those eyes. I didn't notice through the camera lens, but in retrospect, I'm pretty sure they are saying, "I want you."

Clue #2: Pie has nothing to do with my location, unless you drop one on your foot. You must name the temple in addition to the city. You may think it just got harder, but now you know I was at a temple/wat/pagoda- whatever it was called.

Clue #3: "Doubleback" is not a species of turtle.

Clue #4 (NOT PUBLISHED): I am going to kick back and look at some old pics until someone figures this out.

From first Thailand visit, slideshow #3, slide 12. Full Show Buddha's foot