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Springfield, Missouri was the first stateside stop on the Round The World (RTW) trip.  The actual trip won't start until February- so this is really a just a pretrip- but after this it gets real. The '79 Blazer is getting left in Missouri to avoid 4+ months of storage costs.  Then the house goes up for sale, etc.

Stayed at a friend's house to primarily do nothing but hang out and relax.  Our Buddy Harold is their band name.  They don't have a drummer yet.  nor do they have any music for sale. ...  but they will.  Hopefully once they record some stuff there will be some sample tracks out here for your listening pleasure.  Scott has been writing songs and picking guitar for years and cranks out some great stuff.  Becca is one of the best singers I've ever heard.  Trust me- they sound great.  As proof, Becca won the karoeke contest at Dennis' Place on Saturday night with 84 out of a possible 90 points.  

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Trapping & Gigging in Missouri
Photos from trapping and gigging. Gigging? You take a long pole with a set of spear points on the end, a boat, and some serious lights. You cruise around in the dark on a clear stream and gig fish with the spear. Then you eat them. Trapping? Carrying on the tradition from our ancestors and eliminating nuisance racoons at the same time. Not to mention helping supply the makers of coon skin hats.