New Zealand Basics


- Population about 4 million,

- Drive on left side of road,

- Speak English,

- Consists of 2 primary islands- North and South,

- There are no poisonous snakes or insects here,

- For the geologists- NZ is basically some uplifted mountains (Southern Alps) from a

fault system and an alluvial plain on the east of these mountains created from seabed

deposits and all the material eroding from the mountains,

- The mountains are primarily sedimentary rocks,

- It is not uncommon for the side of a mountain to “fall off” on occasion, and

- The folks here call themselves ‘Kiwis’,

- Conversion rate is about $1 NZ = $0.80 US,

- The native Maori, like the Native Americans, had to put up with British settlers…..

 the rest is history.