Philippines Fast Facts           


Lonely Planet says the Filipino’s are the happiest people on Earth. 


…..  I think it is due to the weather.  People here don’t own jackets.  It seldom gets below 70.


Maybe that happiness is due to prostitution.  Until last week, I could count the times I had ever been solicited for prostitution on one hand.  I lost count in a day of walking around Manila……


A lot of people come here for a brief holiday. And they don’t leave.  Like my dive instructor.


Almost everyone speaks a little English, especially in the resort areas


$1 USD = 40 ₱ (Philippine Peso)


I think Manila has permanent smog.  Bad smog.


The toilet at the Manila International Airport has no toilet seat.  WTF?  At least it has TP, the airport in Caticlan had seats, but no TP.


Good food.  Poor beer selection.


The Hobit Bar employs only “vertically challenged” individuals as wait staff.   Only the bartender is a big person, I guess so they can reach everything. 


The FDA (Filipino’s with Disabilities Act) is not in effect here.  Definitely not a wheelchair friendly place. 


People are friendly and helpful, but their idea of customer servi.ce would put a place out of business in about 2 weeks in Houston.  Everyone moves slowly and they don’t check on you to refill drinks, bring hot sauce, etc.  The only time they spend at your table is to wait for you give them money when they bring the check.


You can have somebody ‘knocked off’ for 50,000 pesos. ~ about $1,000 USD.