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Koh Tao Sunset
Sunset from my first evening on the island of Koh Tao.

Spent 2 nights in Bangkok. Headed south by plane and ferry to get two days of diving in before Jane and Mike arrive on the 14th. This is the first sunset on the island. (short, only 13 slides)

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Did 8 dives in 2 days. Brought the waterproof camera on 2 of the shallow dives. Max depth for the camera is about 33'. One of our dives hit 100' deep. Long slideshow... 44 pics.

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Koh Tao --> Koa Sumai --> Bangkok
Travel day. Left Koh Tao on the ferry. Arrived on Koh Sumai and caught the bus to the airport. Plane to Bangkok. Walk-about in Bangkok. Thai New Year celebration.....

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Rest & Relaxation

Met up with my friends Jane and Mike from Houston, who happen to be visiting Mike's cousin Don in Thailand. After rendezvous at Bangkok International, we headed south to Koh Chang for the evening and then caught a boat to the Captain Hook resort on Koh Kood.

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Koh Kood

Resort Pictures. Snorkel Pics. Pictures of Mike, Jane, Don, and Larry. Paradise, minus air-con.

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Bangkok Tour Royal Palace

Memory is lacking. Took these a month ago prior to Nepal.

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Tour north of Bangkok

Temple ruins.

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Boat Tour back to Bangkok

Good stuff.