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Met up with Steve and Mariah. We rented 4 wheelers, pandemonium ensued.

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Waterfalls and stuff
Rented a motorcycle and headed out of town for the day.

Photo Gallery Photo Gallery
City Streets
After a long break from the camera, I busted out about 320 shots yesterday. These two slideshows are the top 45. Walk to the local market, camp on the curb, and shoot away. This series is a continuation of my quest to take more people pictures.

With these pictures and other info available on this website, one may be able to deduce my location.(#7)

Photo Gallery Photo Gallery
These shots are from June 30, 2008. Bangkok's underbelly by boat, monkeys, snakes, and some temple action.

Photo Gallery Storytime
Motorcycle Rental: $48
Gasoline: $33
Ferries: $3
Lunch in Laos - Priceless

Shots from my visa run to Laos. Rented the Honda again and hit the road. These shots are not the greatest. Bad photographic conditions, and I was more interested in riding the motorcycle than stopping to take pictures. However, the story time is quality.