Major Construction Complete

It is amazing the home improvements you can knock out with a crew of 5 people working. My parents, sister, and her friend came into town Saturday afternoon and left out Sunday afternoon. They weren't here long, but the paint flew and the pipes connected... I now have 2.5 functional bathrooms again- the American dream come true. About all that remains is to paint 22' of pre-primed crown molding and hang a door back on its hinges and procure and install two mirrors, and .... I'm sure to be forgetting something else. All this work in the name of market value. The more the better. First time buyers stay away- I want your empty nest, downsizing, and wealthy parents as buyers.

I put some furniture on Craigslist. Never sold anything on there, but bought some funky, 70's looking chairs using Craigslist. The lady selling them lived on a hill in LA, the view was good, but I don't remember specifics, so it was probably just scenic LA smog. I'll be sure to update with couch selling details. ... The New Zealand blog will be more interesting than this, I promise.


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