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Day 46: Manila, Philippines
Manila has an airport. Arrive there.... get on a plane and go elsewhere in the Philippines.

The guide book, in the "Manila Chapter", says it is an ok place; however in another chapter, it describes Manila as "the 9th circle of hell". I never really felt unsafe, but I wouldn't say that I was comfortable. I stuck out like a polar bear in the tropics.

Once you leave hotel property, you are bombarded by people selling anything and everything and beggars looking for a peso to feed their baby. Then within a few blocks, you can step into a shopping mall that is as good as anything in the U.S.

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Boracay Island Diving
9 nights on Boracay Island. Completed Open Water SCUBA Certification and working on Advanced Open Water at the time of this writing. Fish, coral, divers, and a shipwreck.... actually they towed it out there and sank it on purpose about 4 years ago. A mere 94' deep.... that is a good depth to, as we used to say, "enhance your calm."

Tried to ID some fish, but they all look the same and seldom match the photos in the guide book.

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Boracay Island Topside
Didn't take the computer or camera out of the room for days.... too concerned about security. (the key to my sliding glass door fits both ways) Finally got out and took some shots.

Mostly all you do here is swim, dive, sit around. I'm pretty sure this is the most laid back place I've ever been.