T Minus 2 days

House remodel is officially complete. Just in time. All it needs now is a professional cleaning and it should sell quick.

Trip preparations are frantically coming to completion. Took time off from preparations yesterday for Paintball and another going away party. The best travel advice thus far has to be "If someone throws a baby at you, don't catch it." Apparently crooks will toss a baby at you and when you catch it, they will steal your stuff while your hands are tied up and you are highly distracted. Sucks to be that baby.....

Worldly posessions are at Jessica's house in Katy. She threatened that if I'm not back to get my crap in 1 year, she would start selling things off. Seems fair.

Photo is the temporary home office. 5 gallon buckets start to hurt your rear after a few hours. Can't be much worse than sitting in coach for 14 hours........


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