W-R-F, 11-13 June 2008

Back at MSM, we abbreviated Thursday as “R”. T, you see, was already used.

Kinda like back at St Joe Minerals Corporation, the Engineering Department eliminated certain letters from their part identification protocol. Letters such as I, L, O, and U just weren’t used. Too easily confused with things such as “1” “0” or “v”.

Anyhow, word from the ladies in Hiroshima was that Kyoto was the coolest spot in Japan. Since it was on the high speed rail line between Hiroshima and my final destination, it made sense to hit it. Rolled in W afternoon, toured the town on R, and rolled out on F afternoon. With only one day to cover a city of 1.6 million people and 20% of Japan’s National Treasures, I decided on bicycle wheels. I owned said mountain bike for about 10 hours. Best guess is 25 miles and 400 pictures. Needless to say, my ass hurt. I haven’t covered that kind of bicycle miles for probably 17 years. (It is Sunday as I write this, and my ass still hurts)

I looked for it, but I could not find that damn Protocol.

The reason Kyoto has so many temples and historic stuff intact is that it was on the short list to get a nuke. We didn’t bomb cities on the shortlist, better to analyze damage if you haven’t already bombed the snot out of a place.


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