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The "Where is Larry?" Contest
General rules:
1. Be the first to email me (a) the city of my location and (b) how you deduced said location from the information presented.
2. Prize will be printed photo of your choice from this website.

Where was Larry? - Round #9

Clue #1: I was here. As I mention below, Mr. Ford has taken this game to an all new level and has correctly guessed this city and building from this photo alone. But the game goes on......

Where was Larry? - Round #8
Mrs. Stewart is our winner.... istanbul, turkey - the blue mosque. How it's done:
I google imaged "two minarets" and saw this picture photo
turkey is west of where you were - so it is moving in the correct direction.
finally, a google image search of "blue mosque istanbul" with clues from that first image show this view of the bay behind your mosque. link

I almost got fooled by the minarets on a mosque in Baku, Azerbaijan. But I thought, really, Azerbaijan?!

Father Vic was a close 3rd, and Mr. Ford was dead on first, but he is grandfathered from prizes because he is so good at this game.

Where was Larry? - Round #7
Mr. Greaves is our winner. How it's done......
"I was looking at your website at lunch today, and if I understand correctly that you have invited a "Where's Larry" guess no. 7 in your gallery pictures, I think I know where you may be - Chaing Mai, Thailand. From your picture with the advertisement for Charlie's English Fish & Chips, I googled "Charlies English fish and chips in Thailand." This website came up: website. Comparing the phone number on the website to the phone number on the advertisement in your pictures, this seems to be the place."

Where was Larry? - Round #6
Clue #1: I was here. For the detail oriented, this will be simple as pie.

Unrelated to my location, but there is something about those eyes. I didn't notice through the camera lens, but in retrospect, I'm pretty sure they are saying, "I want you."

Clue #2: Pie has nothing to do with my location, unless you drop one on your foot. You must name the temple in addition to the city. You may think it just got harder, but now you know I was at a temple/wat/pagoda- whatever it was called.

Clue #3: "Doubleback" is not a species of turtle.

Clue #4 (NOT PUBLISHED): I am going to kick back and look at some old pics until someone figures this out.


Where was Larry? - Round #5
Clue #1: I was here. A place generally has a special history or relationship as a prerequisite for a statue.

Clue #2: Mission: Walk upside down on bottom of boat. Accomplished.


Where was Larry? - Round #4

I was here

Clue #2: "With twice the normal persistence(with the exact correct search phrase and the proper search tool), Google makes the impossible to find, possible."

Clue #3: "Someone has visited this location before me and took an image."

Clue #4: "The building and the road have an interesting relationship."

Interesting tidbit, the inclusion of the article "a" between primary search words makes a critical difference in search results... at least in this instance.

Where is Larry? - Round #3
Answer: Col Sanders is the winner of round 3. Answer Here

Clue: This one is so easy, the winner must also state the direction I am facing and my approximate elevation above sea level in addition to a city name.

Where is Larry? - Round #2


The building mentioned below is 'purpose-built' and has something much taller across the street from it. The next clue is 'In the City'.

I arrived by one of these. This picture was taken from a tall, controversial building.

Where is Larry?- Round #1
We have a winner. Keep playing with the clue #4 below or click here for the answer.

On a certain sunny (10% cloud cover) morning, this would have been a very, very bad place to be standing. Clue #4 At least it would have been quick.
Clue 3
Clue 2
Clue 1

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