Hunker Down

Hiding out in a German restaurant to access free & fast wi-fi. Just completed (I think) a 4 hour marathon session of uploading crap to the new web server. The server upgrade fiasco was an unfortunate consequence of the need to change web hosting plans to save money and get more bandwidth, along with a few other service upgrades. There were two major problems: (a) the need to upload everything to the new server and (b) the new server was "case sensitive". Web pages are driven by text files that link them all together. The old server was not case sensitive. So any link where the capitalization within the html file and the actual file it pointed to did not match, had to be fixed. Turns out one of the basic rules of html is always use lowercase.

Major pain in the butt.

Anyway, I'm to a new destination tomorrow. The "where's Larry?" contest is a few locations behind..........


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