Muay Thai

Went to a Thai Boxing match a few nights ago with a bunch of folks from Singapore. Thai boxing, Muay Thai, is like regular boxing in that the fighters wear gloves. But they also use knees, elbows, and kicks. It can be pretty brutal. Went to one in Bangkok a while back, it was boring compared to this one. We saw a few knockouts, and a dude get his leg jacked up by his opponents kicks. Hard to fight when you can't stand up.

One round of entertainment between rounds was this. Four fighters in the ring, blindfolded, with one referee. So the blindfolded dudes walk around and try to pummel on each other. Occasionally the ref couldn't get out of the way fast enough, so some dude would beat on the ref until he could move. And then the ref would kick the dude in the chest... it was great to see him fight back. Good clean family fun.

The after fight entertainment was a vegas style cabaret show. Weird thing though, the dancers were all "lady boys". They look good, but they are dudes. Entertaining, but disturbing. I should be able to get some pics of the fight and the dancers from a dude that took his camera.


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