Day 200

23 August 2008

I celebrated 200 days on the road with 3 hours of massage this evening. $30 US. Walking the 100 yards from massage place to hostel, it was the usual crowd trying to get my dollars- taxis, beggars, and hookers. Best hooker line of the night:

Hook: Where you go?
Me: Home. Bed.
Hook: My friend and I come and both give you massage.

At this point, you just keep walking. You never stop- its easier to keep moving. If you stop, then they're holding your arm and trying more chinglish on you. And that is life in Bangkok. If Vegas is America's playground- Bangkok is the world's playground- minus the gambling. Regardless, I love this place.

Looking back on the trip, it kinda went in Phases. Today ends Phase III of the trip and Phase IV starts tomorrow. Phase I was the initial push from New Zealand to Hong Kong. Phase II was the random wanderings from Hong Kong back to Bangkok. Phase III was nearly 2 months in Chiang Mai learning Kung Fu, getting in shape, making friends, and catching tropical diseases. Phase IV takes me westward...........

Back at the Suk in Bangkok. Still one of the coolest hostels around. Hit town this afternoon and went shopping for new reading material- one of the Thai boxers was on the TV Olympic coverage- he must have been going for gold, because every TV in a store window or in a public area was tuned to that channel with a massive crowd of people around it. National pride is alive and well here. No camera with me however, which is a bummer because 4 stories of people leaning over railing in a central mall plaza to watch a TV is quite a site. Waiting to find the Panasonic Lumix LX-3 to procure as a new backup camera. Shoots RAW format, has a 'fast' lens (f 2.0 - 2.8), full user control on shooting modes, and ISO 6400. There is a massive camera store in a city I will be visiting- hopefully they'll have it.

Random thoughts

No feedback yet on favorite photos. I take that as "too many good ones to choose from."

I like Facebook. It is handy for reconnecting with people you lost track of, or forgot that you knew at all.

I really like 'street meat'. This is chicken/beef/pork/etc on a stick- bought from street vendors- it rocks. Grab a green tea shake from another vendor and you have a quality, nutritious meal. I may grill some street meat when I get home......

I have deleted over 3000 photos in the last week. Got another thousand or so to go. Thats what happens when you shoot 350 and keep 60 of them.

Guinness pints are $6 in Bangkok.

Can you tell the difference between an Aussi flag and the Kiwi flag?

Men's diving is on the TV at the Pickled Liver English Pub. They have free internet.

Rock on.


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