Day 259

Houston, Texas; 21 October 2008

The Party is Over
I start a new job in the morning. My days of wandering the globe with no worries of tomorrow are officially ended. Re-enter the world of projects, problems, and deadlines.

Reality Check
I am considering leasing a house that costs roughly the same per month as full living expenses in Thailand. Houston Rent Cost = Thailand hotel + 3 hot meals + kung fu lessons + beers + massage. .....maybe I should have stayed. ...... 3 months from now I may be kicking myself.....

maybe I can rent the extra bedrooms as a 'hostel' to offset my costs.

Full Circle
The oddest thing is that after traveling the globe, I find myself crashing at a friend's apartment that is in the same building as first apartment I had upon moving to Texas in 2000. I walk by my old apartment on the way to the grocery store. I wonder if Louise is still in #25.... she melted her microwave once with a grease fire on her stove. I wonder if Fidel Castro still works at the supermarket?... he's been working there almost 19 years.